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Mud Bay Lumber Company is a family-based small-scale sawmill focused on community collaboration, environmental integrity, and self-reliance. Nestled in the rainforests of Haines, Alaska, they manufacture and sell local hand-picked, quality trees in the form of rough cut boards, slabs, and other added-value wood products. They promote the responsible use of natural resources through a zero log-waste goal, operating within the limits of the State Forest Management Plan, and by using each tree to its opportune use. By making local timber products accessible and affordable to the Haines community, Mud Bay Lumber Company is also helping to eliminate the fuel and plastic packaging used in long-distance transportation of lumber. They are invested in making local resources accessible and affordable to their community and growing the Haines timber industry into a stable part of the economy.

Juneau Composts performs natural alchemy, packages it, and resells it, all while reducing the noxious waste in our landfill.  They take your kitchen scraps, cook them with thermophilic microorganisms and turn them into rich soil ready for the garden. So far they have diverted more than 111,900 lbs of material from the landfill, turning it into earthy-smelling goodness. They also provide compost education and technical support. They are currently the only composting service available in Juneau and they serve households and businesses of all kinds.

Mighty Bear Roots is an aeroponic greenhouse start-up that will provide the community of Wrangell with a local source of fresh healthy produce.  The clean and green operation will utilize energy efficient full spectrum LED lighting, solar panels, rain catch and ground-to-air heat transfer systems to reduce its ecological footprint while growing delicious, healthy food that doesn’t need to be barged in.  Mighty Bear Roots: pioneering ‘Solar to Stomach’ farming in Southeast Alaska.

Game Creek Family Orchards supplies fruit trees, tree maintenance and support services, and fresh, locally grown apples to and Southeast Alaska.  After years of experimenting with local and disease resistant rootstocks, Game Creek Family Orchards has developed a reputation for producing apple trees uniquely crafted to thrive in Southeast Alaska.  The orchard will market local apples that have a flavor and texture far superior to those generally available in local supermarkets.

Skyaana Coffee Co (Klawock) is a local coffee roaster that celebrates tradition and heritage, offering a variety of blends and single origin coffee beans.

Barnacle Foods (Juneau) uses hand-harvested kelp and other Alaskan ingredients to bring unique flavors from the wilds of Alaska's coast to your kitchen in the form of salsas, spices, and goods for Southeast and beyond.


The Salty Pantry (Petersburg) is a coffee shop providing gourmet salts, artisan foods, baked goods.

Sawmill Farm (Sitka) brought commercial agriculture to Sitka, supporting Sitkans who maintained their own backyard operations.


Port Chilkoot Distillery (Haines) offers gin, bourbon, rye whiskey, moonshine, vodka, and absinthe; their tasting room features a specialty cocktail menu, gifts, and taste samples.

Fairweather Ski Works (Haines) handcrafts skis and snowboards out of locally harvested Sitka Spruce and birch beneath the impressive peaks of Haines, Alaska.

Coppa (Juneau) won the 2014 People's Choice Award. Coppa is a gourmet coffee shop that offers hand-crafted ice cream (often from locally harvested ingredients), coffee, tea, baked goods, and lunch.


Icy Straits Lumber (Hoonah) is a family owned sawmill that is committed to creating high quality lumber and other wood products for sale in Southeast Alaska.

Raven Guitars (Wrangell) crafts guitars from locally-sourced woods.

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