Fisheye Coffee

In beautiful downtown Sitka, Fisheye coffee is serving up healthy options and delicious drinks.

I feel like I have a really strong support system that wants nothing but the best for Fisheye and the business as a whole. I just know that Spruce Root has our back with anything.
— Caitlin Way

A Young Alaska Native’s Business Expands

Fisheye Coffee is the preferred drive-thru coffee shop in Sitka, but owner Caitlin Way, a 20-something Alaska Native woman, has bigger dreams for her small business. Inspired by her passions for teaching yoga and personal training, Caitlin aims to incorporate social and cultural change in her business. She envisions her coffee shop providing wholesome alternatives to traditional drive-thru food and beverages that have made eating on the go unhealthy. Unfortunately, Fisheye Coffee’s opportunity for growth was initially stifled by the limitations of a restrictive family loan and the inability to obtain traditional financing. With a small business loan through Spruce Root, however, Caitlin now has the opportunity to explore her culinary skills and invest in her business. Caitlin has also benefited from the business coaching and mentoring offered by the Spruce Root team. In fact, Caitlin strongly believes that even if she ultimately did not receive a loan, the knowledge she gained while going through the process was invaluable. “Spruce Root has been so patient and helpful to me!” Caitlin said. She has immense gratitude for the Spruce Root team and all of their support and guidance


Partnership with Spruce Root

Fisheye Coffee worked with Spruce Root to develop and refine their business plan, budget, and financial structure. They benefited from business coaching and received funding through Spruce Root’s business loan program.