Spruce Root Introductory Interview


Welcome to Spruce Root and congratulations for taking the first step towards starting or growing your business. This initial form will give our business coaches some basic information about you and your business as well as help us determine the current stage your business is in and if you are ready to fill out a loan application.

Once you submit this form a Spruce Root business coach will reach out to you and set up a one-on-one conversation (either in person or via phone) which will give us an opportunity to get to know each other, ask questions, and create a plan for how you and Spruce Root can work together to start or grow your business. 


Please complete the form below and a spruce root team member will get in touch with you. 

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Options may include: Path to Prosperity (P2P) competition, Sustainable Southeast Partnership (SSP), Sealaska, Bank, Word of Mouth, Website, Facebook, Other.
**Disclosure of the demographic information below is voluntary and has no bearing on the credit decision. This data is collected for program reporting purposes. The information provided will remain confidential and will be reported as borrower aggregate statistics, not individual data. This information helps Spruce Root to improve its delivery of service and allows us to better fulfill our mission.**
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