The Cedar Box


A Native Gift Shop Highlighting Tlingit History and Culture

Tucked away on an island in the hear of Southeast Alaska, the Cedar Box is the first Alaska Native Gift Shop in Petersburg. Rooted in a passion for Alaskan Native art, culture, and communities, the Cedar box as a business grew from the desire to share beautiful art from indigenous peoples all over Alaska. Since opening in May 2018, the Cedar Box has been sharing Petersburg’s strong Tlingit history and culture through art, sea otter fur, jewelry, and now deer calls. Through their store, Will and Christy Ware hope to bring more awareness to the beauty and depth of Alaska Native Culture, and Spruce Root is proud to support them in their business endeavors.


Partnership with Spruce Root

The Cedar Box worked with Spruce Root to develop and refine their business plan, budget, and financial structure. They also received funding through Spruce Root’s business loan program.