Resources to Help Start, Grow, or Fund Your Business

These resources provide information on a wide range of entrepreneurial subjects. Links on this page are for informational purposes only and do not constitute an endorsement by Spruce Root.

Business Planning Resources

Get started on your business plan or fine tune what you already have with these general resources for start-ups. Learn how to develop a business plan and access template, outlines, and advice.

Financing Resources

Finances can be intimidating, but they are an internal part of running a successful business. Here’s how to make it work. Take a look at funding options, find links to funding opportunities, and access borrower resources.


Sustainability Resources

You are not just running a business for profit. You are running a business that supports your community, brings in revenue to your local economy, and is kind to the environment. Here are resources to help you develop your sustainable business.

Alaska Specific Resources

We live here. We know Alaska is a special place to run a business that comes with its own challenges and opportunities. Check out these resources specific to our region.

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