Trickster Company

In the capital city of Juneau, sister and brother team Crystal and Rico Worl are celebrating traditional designs and values.

The idea was to design and represent authentic native art in a modern way. Spruce Root provided critical feedback and technical support to help fill in the gaps and create a business plan.
— Rico Worl, Co-owner Trickster Company

A Modern Spin on Traditional Northwest Coast design

What started as a hand-painted clan crest on the back of Rico Worl’s skateboard later transformed into Trickster Company, a business that blends traditional designs and values with modern applications. Rico began his business when he realized he wasn’t the only one who valued his indigenous identity and hoped to see it represented in everyday items. He needed some help, however, to transform his passion into a viable business, which is why he turned to Spruce Root. Spruce Root became the partner Rico needed to expand his idea into Trickster Company. They provided funding for Rico’s business, which aims to represent Northwest Native art in a modern, authentic way. In a few short years, Trickster has expanded from a handful of skateboards in Juneau to a myriad of products designed by local native artists that appear in shops around Alaska and Washington. Rico credits Spruce Root with helping his business grow quickly. Their consultants provided crucial feedback during Rico’s business planning process and support when he needed it most. “With Spruce Root, it was like having a team there that was able to give second opinions and technical support that helped me,” he said. Now, with Trickster Company growing, Rico focuses more energy on exploring how his indigenous culture engages with modern trends in a vibrant and active way. Thanks to the initial support of Spruce Root, Rico is ready to embrace new creative opportunities as they arise.


Partnership with Spruce Root

Trickster worked with Spruce Root to develop and refine their business plan, budget, and financial structure. They also received funding through Spruce Root’s business loan program.

Part of existing and identifying as an indigenous artist is being able to conform to modern technology and also stick to traditional values and stories and ways of creating design.
Rico and I study both those worlds and Trickster Company is the point where they come together to create something amazing.
— Crystal Worl, Co-owner Trickster Company