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What is the p2p business development competition? 

Spruce Root's Path to Prosperity (P2P) Business Development Competition is a partnership between Spruce Root and The Nature Conservancy.  The competition aims to grow local companies that will increase employment, have a positive social and economic impact on their communities, promote sustainable use of local resources, and increase entrepreneurial know-how and business leadership in Southeast Alaska. 

For each competition cycle, two winning entrepreneurs will receive an award package of up to $25,000 in seed funding for consulting/technical assistance to develop their business concept, along with support in finding investor funding.


Who should apply? 

The competition is open to all residents of Southeast Alaska.  This includes individuals, for-profit businesses and tribal entities. For 2017, business concepts must be for a food business located in Southeast Alaska. FAQ's →



about the Competition

Over four competition cycles, the program has received applications from over 150 businesses and start-ups from across Southeast Alaska and has provided intensive management training to 48 entrepreneurs during the signature Business Boot Camp weekends in Juneau.

The program’s success has garnered attention from beyond Southeast. In 2015, Path to Prosperity was presented a Silver Award for Excellence in Economic Development by the International Economic Development Council. Joe Morrison of Biz21 Consulting in Anchorage has praised the program for its results. 

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“Path to Prosperity is a results-driven competition – you can see the impact it’s having by looking at its outcomes and the businesses that have been through the program. It is the best-in-class business development program in Alaska.”
— Joe Morrison, Biz21 Consulting, Anchorage, AK