2018 Path to Prosperity (P2P) Finalists


The 12 Finalists will participate in the 2018 business boot camp in September in Juneau, and then complete a business plan for a chance to win $25,000. Learn more about the Path to Prosperity (P2P) business development competition by visiting the main P2P page.

Beaver Brother TRading Co. (Craig)

The Beaver Brothers Trading Company offers a wide variety of products and services, ranging from custom-made signs and hand-forged items to wild sourced pelts and fur products. BBTC also works closely with artists and craftspeople throughout Southeast Alaska to create unique hand-crafted products and artwork.

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Blue Drum Farms (Petersburg)

Blue Drum Farm, a microfarm offshoot of Farrugut Farm will use hightunnel greenhouses located in downtown Petersburg to extend the growing season and provide access to fresh, locally grown produce. Blue Drum plans to develop a template, based on Blue Drum Farm, for prospective farmers to use when establishing other microfarms throughout Southeast.

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Ebb & Flow (Sitka)

Ebb & Flow will be a design and sewn-product manufacturing company offering high-function attire for the Southeast Alaska climate. Morally focused on cultivating conversation on conservation, Ebb & Flow aims to tread lightly by utilizing earth-friendly fabrics and processes.


Exiting eden tannery (Ketchikan)

Exiting Eden, a fur dressing tannery in Ketchikan, Alaska, was created as a result of seeing over populating sea otters destroying the shellfish and mariculture industries, and the notable absence of a local tannery. Exiting Eden specializes in sea otter pelts and caters to the Alaskan Native hunters of Southern Southeast Alaska.


Gathered & Grown Botanicals (Wrangell)

Gathered and Grown Botanicals creates handcrafted herbal body & skin care products inspired by and harvested from the wild, abundant forests and coastlines of Southeast Alaska. 


Juneau Composts (Juneau)

Juneau Composts promotes landfill diversion and soil building by providing compost education, technical support, and a convenient food scrap compost processing service. Serving households and businesses of all kinds, Juneau Composts provides a service that otherwise does not exist in Juneau.

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Mud Bay Lumber (Haines)

Mud Bay Lumber Company manufactures and sells local, rough cut boards, slabs, and other added-value wood products from hand-picked, quality trees in the Chilkat Valley. 


Petersburg Marine (Petersburg)

Petersburg Marine is a large vessel dry-land boat yard that has primarily catered to the commercial fishing fleet of central southeast Alaska for the past 10 years. With two custom-made hydraulic trailers for hauling and launching vessels, Petersburg Marine offers long-term seasonal storage, and short term storage for maintenance and repair projects.


Tenakee Logging Company (Tenakee Springs)

Tenakee Logging Company is a father and son-owned small milling company based in Tenakee Springs, Alaska devoted to environmentally sustainable harvesting. We primarily work in and around the Tenakee Springs area, including Juneau and Sitka, providing our customers with rough sawn, finely grained lumber from trees including Sitka Spruce, Western Hemlock and Yellow Cedar.


The Farm (Juneau)

The Farm, a small urban farm in downtown Juneau, grows leafy and micro greens, herbs, root crops, and flowers using only organic methods. The Farm uses intensive farming practices and works hard to keep costs down for the consumer, so everybody can enjoy local produce.


Timberworks (Sitka)

Zach LaPerriere makes wood bowls & vessels to showcase the outstanding old growth forests of Southeast Alaska.

“Every bowl tells a story of the life and growth of an ancient tree."

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Yakutat Sustainable (Yakutat)

Yakutat Sustainable is an environmental remediation company whose primary mission is to address significant contamination of land and water resources caused by the Department of Defense in past military preparedness/readiness.

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